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"Nature has a habit of placing some of her most attractive treasures in places where it is difficult to locate them.:      

-Charles Doolittle Walcott

Wessex Fossils

Welcome to Wessex Fossils and the exciting world of fossils, with us you will find many fascinating fossils for sale which you can purchase to enjoy for your very own. We have an extensive selection of many different types of fossils, some fossils you may expect to find only in museums. When looking through our fossils you will find Dinosaur fossils, early Reptile fossils, Trilobites, Ammonites and more. Wessex Fossils was founded by Samuel in 2005, coming from a background in palaeontology and Animal biology he is the driving force behind its continual success. You can be confident when making your purchase with us that all our fossils are genuine (no replicas or cast fossils), accurately identified and described. Wessex Fossils has a prominent online presence where you can find and follow us across all of the well known social media sites, here you will be able to see our regular updates, activities, our positive reviews and share alongside our large following. 

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