About us

Wessex Fossils was oficially launched by Samuel back in 2015, this is when Wessex Fossils made its launch into the online world of shopping. Since then we are proud to be accepted as one of the UKs trusted online stores for selling genuine, no nonsence fossils. All the fossils listed within our shop are all responsibly sourced real fossils, no casts or replicas here. All our fossils are inspected and tested at the highest level and are all accurately identified with the latest upto date information available to us. Welome to wessex Fossils and please contact us with any questions you may have.

Samuel Clarke (Owner and Founder)

"There's an incomparable rush that comes from finding dinosaur bones. you know you are the first person to lay hands on a critter that lived 80 or 90 million years ago."

jack horner